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Fantasy Premier League 2021/22

Ask me about my Fantasy Premier League team.


At the moment, I'm mostly playing...

Find me on Steam / Xbox... if you can.


Plenty of photographs, few of which are posted online. I'll correct this eventually, as a photo not shared is lost.

At the moment I'm favouring Panasonic Lumix Micro-Four-Thirds for digital, and also 35mm film on occasion.

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Heart of Midlothian, the best team in the SPL.


Fulham, the best team on the banks of the River Thames.


I'm a member of the British Computer Society.

digital badge for membership of the BCS

This membership is proof of my dedication and commitment to the highest standards of conduct and professionalism.


CISSP certified and member of ISC2 since 2020. View and verify the certification here:


Since 2000 and the heady days of JDK 1.4, SCJD, SCWCD and JSP.

Adobe AEM

I've been developing enterprise content management software solutions with Adobe AEM since 2006 when it was Day CQ 3.5 through to the modern Adobe era.

Magnolia CMS

Since version 4. Magnolia Certified Front-end Developer

Magnolia CMS is a good commercial option for hosting and managing web content.

DevOps Tools

I've used...

...and a whole bunch more

Python Django

I've built one website in Django. It's currently online at HTL.

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